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First Media – Share Happiness, Create Values

Client: First Media

Agency: –

Happiness has a different meaning for everyone. The smallest thing can make people happy and spread the happiness to others. When First Media asked Anatman to define ‘Happiness’ with a video, it was also a happiness for us.

I made a concept from many points of view; there’s a boy who goes to college far from his family, a mum who worries about her children, etc. I chose that because I wanted to emphasise the ‘Happiness’ message even louder. Once the concept was approved, Anatman Pictures immediately executed the idea and transformed it into a video.

Production went smoothly until the raining cats and dogs forced Dennis, the director, to decide to postpone the outdoor ending scene. On the second day of production, the universe gave its blessing, the shooting went smoothly and finally we heard the words we wanted to hear, “It’s a wrap!”

Dennis the menace.

Ares preparing props for the next scene.

Can you guess which one Anatman crew in those extras talents?

Night riding scene.

Watch the full version here.

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