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Hijup – #EmpowerChange

Recently we collaborated with Hijup, an online fashion market specialising in modest wear for muslim women. For this project, Hijup wanted to put emphasis on women who make positive changes in their surroundings.

As we were making a documentary film, we focused on 5 strong women, each one of them with their own stories and struggles against the stereotypes of women wearing hijab in society. These powerful women come from different backgrounds and professions: Diajeng Lestari (business woman), Dian Pelangi (fashion designer), Diana Kara (fashion designer), Asri Yuniar (vocalist), and Lia Karina Mansur (professional athlete).

For this project, we had several shooting days because we had to follow each one of our subjects in their daily life, from Jakarta to out of town in Bandung and Jogjakarta. Our most memorable shoot was during Dian Pelangi’s story where we shot her with colourful balloons and umbrellas in a helipad, because this was our first experience shooting in a helipad with such amazing views. When we climbed the stairs to the helipad, I was excited and afraid at the same time because I’m afraid of heights, but all the effort was paid off because we had a beautiful shooting session on the helipad.


Putting all the balloons into the car.


Inside the cool lounge filled with vintage chairs and tables.


Ares setting up the lamp.


Dian Pelangi getting ready for her scene on the helipad.


Ares posing with the duck face on the helipad.


The camera rigging for the car scene.


Super early in the morning with Diana Kara.


Shooting Diana Kara and her husband in a café.


Shooting in the café.


Shooting while holding the filter in front of the camera.


The boys chilling in the studio.


Shooting Diajeng in Hijup’s office.

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