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Koko Krunch ‘Point of View’ TVC

After a couple of weeks of much needed break over Christmas, we were excited to be starting the year afresh with a great experimental project for Koko Krunch.  This was our first time to be shooting a full ‘point of view’ digital film and TVC where you will be able to click online whether you want to see the story from the child’s or mum’s point of view.

This shooting required special camera rigging to be made to be worn by the two main talents and as the specially designed helmets were quite heavy to be worn all day, we had to get body doubles for Anisa and Yudetra for shoot day.

We spent the morning chasing the sunrise as always with lots of kids in their school uniforms running around in our outdoor school scene, and were blessed that the sun made an appearance for us during rainy season in Jakarta.

Anatman Pictures_Nestle POV film_Jakarta

The ever smiling and happy Yudetra was a pleasure to work with as our main talent

Anatman Pictures_Nestle POV film_Jakarta_Morning Shoot

All the extras kids getting into position for our morning shoot

Anatman Pictures_Nestle POV film_storyboards_Jakarta

Discussing the storyboard shots

Our lovely talent agent, Priti, spent the day as Yudetra’s hand double due to her small frame and super cute hands and she even surprised us still being able to easily fit into an SD school uniform!

Anatman Pictures_Nestle POV film_Jakarta_body double

Priti getting ready for her first scenes as a body double

Anatman Pictures_Nestle POV film_Monitor preview

Checking the monitor for playback of scenes

Nestle POV film_Anatman Pictures_extras talents

Behind The Scenes of the extra kids

Anatman Pictures_Nestle POV film_Preview Monitor

Agency checking the monitor preview for scenes

Anatman Pictures_Nestle POV film_behind the scenes

Priti in action shooting

Our next scene was shot inside a school set where the kids drew and coloured in and had fun, while Priti sat in as the talent for the child’s point of view, and had her head swivelled up and down and side to side by Putra while wearing the heavy helmet camera gear.

Anatman Pictures_Nestle POV film_school scenes

Preparing for the school scenes

Anatman Pictures_Nestle POV film_POV shooting

Putra directing and moving Priti’s head like a monopod!

While the shooting was going on outside, the hair and makeup team were having some fun giving Rengga from the talent agency a funny makeover and curling his long locks.

2. Rengga FullSizeRender-5_Anatman Pictures_Nestle POV film_makeup

Meanwhile in the make-up room… Rengga getting a makeover..

2d. Rengga FullSizeRender-25_Anatman Pictures_Nestle POV film_makeover

…and the finishing touch, bright pink lipstick!

Anatman Pictures_Nestle POV film_family photos

Taking ‘family photos’ with Nugie from the Agency and talents

Anatman Pictures_Nestle POV film_Office scenes

Sweet Anisa preparing to wear the camera for her office scenes

Anatman Pictures_Nestle POV film_helmet camera rigging

Putra directing and controlling Anisa’s head movements

Anatman Pictures_Nestle POV film_Bedroom Scenes behind the scenes

Bedroom scenes minus the helmet rigging

Anatman Pictures_Nestle POV film_Koko Krunch

Anisa and Yudetra doing the product shots

Anatman Pictures_Nestle POV film_child's point of view

Shooting from a child’s point of view

Anatman Pictures_Nestle POV film

Two talents for one set of hands!

Overall it was a great day of shooting and we learnt that the full face helmet was far too heavy to wear for long periods of time, and ended up using the lighter helmet and even took it off completely for Yudetra’s scenes, so it was easier for Putra to control while filming.

We look forward to sharing our behind the scenes video and final edited version of the Digital Online film with you shortly.

Stay tuned…

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