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Ricola – TVC

You must have heard the famous Ricola jingle. Yes, the one with some kind of trombone sound! Anatman Pictures had the chance to shoot a Ricola TVC. Woohoo! RedComm as the agency prepared a brilliant concept for this video. We prepared everything to make sure the production went perfectly and smoothly.

The most interesting part about this production was the location. This was our first time to have shoot inside a commuter train! We were so excited; we owned 1 whole train for 5 hours! Hahaha.

And for the icing on the cake: This TVC will be aired in 5 countries in Asia!

Re-shoot the cough medicine scene.

Ricola’s signature scene.


Ilona helps the director to shoot Ricola’s signature scene.

“Hehehe, we’re on TV.”

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