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Telkomsel Langit Musik: Papa Metal TVC

This film was so much fun to make and behind the scenes was lots of laughter as our main talent Stanley kept us entertained while headbanging constantly for two days of shooting!

We recently made a film for Langit Musik, a streaming music app from Telkomsel, in collaboration with Leo Burnett Indonesia. The storyline is about a metalhead father who is very into his music in his everyday life which makes his daughter often disappointed and embarrased because of his looks and attitude.


The love birds, Ken and Priti ❤

For this project, we worked with Stanley and Qheyla both of whom we have worked with for previous projects. This is the second time we’ve worked with Stanley and the third time we’re worked with Qheyla.  For this shoot, Stanley had to wear a wig so he would fit the metal head stereotype, which made for a lot of laughs both on and off camera.


The hallway scene, where kids are staring at Stanley.


Glenn, Nayaka, and Talitha as the surprised friends.


Stanley waiting in the school.

We had 2 days of shooting: the first day for the school and elevator scene, and the second day for the car and home scene (kitchen, bedroom, and garage). On the first day, in the first location in the school, we really had fun during the shoot because the extras kids were so funny. There was 1 little girl named Irene, who is chubby and had ponytails, who stole the attention of the day. Her role was as Qheyla’s friend who is surprised to see Qheyla and her father. So she had to act shocked, gasp, and have her mouth open in disbelief while looking at Stanley.. she stood in that pose for several minutes with her mouth open until somebody shouted “cut!” although we had already finished filming the scene earlier. She was so lovely, even Stanley said she deserved an Oscar for her role that day 😀


Rengga and Ken featuring sleeping Ajeng in the playground.


The boys.


One of the most funny scenes where the kids suddenly started jumping and head banging after seeing Stanley.


The men behind the gun.


Qheyla being mocked by her friends.




Sad Qheyla.


Preparing the elevator scene.


Sigit as the concierge in a suit.


The additional rooftop scene.

For the second day, we had the shooting in our office’s complex in Tanjung Barat. Early in the morning, we had the car scene on the road. The highlight of the morning was the appearance of the super hot red Impala we hired as Stanley’s ride. We continued inside our office which was transformed into shooting studio for the kitchen, bedroom, and living room scenes. The second day was the most tiring day because we had so many scenes and finished at 4 a.m. in the morning, but thanks to Stanley and Qheyla who are really professional, they were able to keep the mood good.


Chilling out with the hot Impala.


Kafie, Ochi, and Novi standby on location.


In the car.


Under the black cloth.


Shooting the car scene.


The shocked family in car.


Stanley and his ride.


During a break.


Shooting in the car.


Styling the wig.


Ares checking the framing.

And here is the behind the scenes video..

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